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RCB consultants use their marketing expertise to help companies define and reach marketing goals. They predominantly plan, execute and monitor marketing strategies to ensure positive results.

  • Work together with trends in social media marketing, online marketing, and direct response marketing.
  • Marketing helps businesses achieve growth through various strategies and tactics.
  • Our objective counsel guides marketers and their agencies towards more effective and efficient working relationships.

By putting customers at the centre of your business model, we create simple, effective strategies that connect with people across multiple channels - and grow businesses in ways they you can measure.


We help our client’s success not simply because of luck
Success is a result of Deliberate Effort and Integration between our Core Competencies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the guarantee calculated?

    The guarantee is calculated based on your historical data. If you don’t have any historical data, we will run your campaign with your full budget for one month and create a benchmark.

  • There are no setup or fixed fees. You choose the budget and get a proposal with a guaranteed number of leads. If RCB is able to outperform your current campaign (up to 25%) and reach the guarantee.

  • The standard contract period for RCB starts with a 12 or 24-month commitment period. Depending on your budget, we may also propose shorter contract periods. However, if RCB doesn’t reach the guarantee for 2 cumulative months, you can give us a 1-month notice and step out of the contract.

  • Should RCB's performance fall below the goal target that was set during the training period, any missing goals are automatically transferred to the campaign's "extent period non-payment" that follows the fixed commitment period (mutual understanding between client and RCB).

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